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We help you solve your business problems and deliver more value with AI Technology and Data Science.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Boost innovation and efficiency with Data Science and various Machine Learning (ML) algorithms – Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Recommender Systems, and more.

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Get an automated ML pipeline for your solution starting from ETL to model retraining and deployment.

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Success Stories

Explore how our AI solutions have helped businesses and governments increase work efficiency, optimize processes, minimize risks, and get insights from their data.

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Automating data extraction from trade documents

The Portmind team developed a solution that automates the document classification and data extraction process. The solution extracts target information from scanned documents in less than 5 seconds with an average accuracy of 92%

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Commercial goods valuation and classification automation

The Portmind team developed a solution that automates on average over 80% of the work of classification and valuation analysts with over 95% accuracy.

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Customs Risk Management Solutions

Portmind’s risk management ML modules provide a holistic approach to fraud detection. They analyze the different components of the transaction, such as visual, textual, and tabular data, to get a comprehensive understanding of riskiness of the transaction.

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The Portmind research team published a paper in IEEE Access

The Portmind research team recently published a scientific paper titled “Tokengrid: Towards More Efficient Data Extraction from Unstructured Documents” in IEEE Access.

Memorandum signed between Portmind and NLA

Portmind is partnering with the National Library of Armenia by providing an in-house-built Armenian OCR solution to extract text from the scanned library data.

Portmind delivered an ML course at Sourcemind

The Portmind team of ML Specialists and Engineers developed a 6-month course for the AI/ML Specialist Pathway Program at Sourcemind.

Our solutions are used by

Webb Fontaine
Abu Dhabi Customs
National Library of Armenia
Government of Nigeria

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